A series of endeavors with a common mission: to awaken, continue,

and share the work of the photographer who pioneered sleep portraiture

and quietly bridged a gap between the art and science communities.

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"It's fabulous that "SLEEP" has been published. You don't see a lot of great work anymore and Spagna's work is fantastic! It deserves to be seen and I'm thrilled that his work has new life. Many have been inspired by this work and thanks to these projects, many more will be."

– MARY ELLEN MARK, photographer, filmmaker, author

An exploration of intimacy poised at the intersection of art and scientific observation, these somehow avoid sinister voyeurism and instead constitute a sensual examination of human vulnerability. – New Republic
…photographs of sleeping men, women, and children…are sure to delight art and photography lovers from all walks of life… – THE Magazine
All the subjects are psychologically naked as they drift through unconsciousness over the course of the night. Spagna has delicately captured the natural beauty of this most basic of human behavior – completely vulnerable, unclouded by facades and pretenses. – Malibu Magazine
….penetrating insights of portraits taken when we are at our most vulnerable and, perhaps, most ourselves.  – The Big Think